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Abu Dhabi slaughterhouses kill 47,000 animals during Ramadan

The Muslim Issue

Eugene Harnan

Aug 7, 2013


Golf carts transport goats and sheep at Al Wathba abattoir. Abu Dhabi Media

Ramadan is the biggest slaughter fiest for Muslims in the entire year: slaughter of humans for jihad, and slaughter of animals. Golf carts take lambs to slaughter in Abu Dhabi.

ABU DHABI // Forty seven thousand animals have been slaughtered during Ramadan in the city’s abattoirs.

However, 227 were deemed unfit for human consumption after the pre-slaughtering screening by vets.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City also said yesterday that it deployed a vet at the Livestock Market to examine all animals and offer assistance and advice to shoppers.

“The civic body has also subjected all butchers and workers to a qualifying and training programme focused on food safety and personal hygiene, which was delivered by specialist consultancy offices in order to raise the calibre as well as the professional and health practice of staff operating in the slaughterhouses,” said Khalifa Al Rumaithi, the…

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