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Oxford Union Debate ‘Islam is not a peaceful religion’: Mehdi Hasan argues ‘fuels the arguments of the phobes and bigots’ (2)

The Muslim Issue

Here is the second clip from the debate on the topic ‘Islam is not a peaceful religion’ which we published yesterday.

Today’s debate comes from Huffington Post’s ‘most prominent Muslim’ – journalist Mehdi Hasan. Mehdi Hasan’s ability to distort and fantasize is so grand and (un)impressive, he should seek employment with the Disney Channel. How embarrassing it must be for more intellectual muslims to constantly have such charlatans serve as their mouth piece.

Mehdi Hasan gives his argument in response to Anne Marie Waters speech yesterday that Islam is not a peaceful religion, and the fault of that, argues Waters, is no one else but the actions of Muslims themselves. Mehdi Hasan strongly disagrees and presents the typical and distorted argument Muslims always tend to use when they defend the fascist ideology of Islam.

He brings up the much worn-out argument that ‘only 1% of Muslims commit terrorist acts’. Even…

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