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Bertelsmann Survey: The international community reject Islam’s suitability in their countries

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Every second Swede rejects Islam


Every second Swede rejects Islam

Posted by: Lars Hedegaard Photo: Wikimedia May 8, 2013  |  Dispatch International

German researcher: Islam is considered more of a political ideology than a religion

Despite many years of efforts by Swedish politicians and the legacy media to present Islam as an enrichment of the Swedish society, close to half of Swedes (48 percent) do not believe that Islam fits in with Sweden. Only 33 percent are fully or partially convinced that Islam fits in Sweden. Add to this that 35 percent of Swedes consider Islam a direct threat, while 14 percent have a similar opinion of Judaism, and 10 percent consider Christianity a threat.

These numbers are from a not yet published opinion poll conducted in 13 countries by the German Bertelsmann group. Sweden is the only Nordic country included in the study, in that a representative selection of 1,000 Swedes were asked…

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