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UK: London’s welfare recipients highest amongst immigrants from Muslim countries.


London’s Poverty Profile: Worklessness by gender and country of birth

Key points

  • There are big differences in work rates between Londoners born in different countries.
  • Men and women born in Somalia are more likely to lack paid work than men and women born elsewhere.
  • Men born in the UK are more likely to lack work than men living in London but born in France, the US and Australia (among others).

Working-age adults in London not in paid work by gender and country of birth

Worklessness by country of birth.png

[Note: Muslim welfare recipients by country also include Muslims with passports from non-Muslim countries. Many of those collecting welfare reported as French, Indian, British, German, etc. are Muslims. Unfortunately the stats do not clarify exactly how many of these percentages are Muslims – except those from specific Islamic nations. Moderator]

What does this graph show?

This graph shows the levels of worklessness among working age adults in London by gender and country of birth. It is ordered by the level of total worklessness among women.

Somali men and women have the highest rates of worklessness among all groups shown here. 87% of Somali women are not in paid work, seven percentage points higher than Bangladeshi women, which is the group with second highest levels of worklessness. 62% of Somali men are not in paid work, compared to no more than 33% among men born in other countries are workless.

The high worklessness rate among Somalis maybe one of the reasons for the higher worklessness rate among Black Africans, as shown in the indicator on worklessness by ethnicity. With the exception of Somalis, worklessness rates among other Black African nationalities are quite close to the average; in fact Kenyan men are less likely to be workless than average.

Research by IPPR suggests that these low rates of employment arise because most Somalis arrive in the UK via refugee and asylum routes, rather than via established labour market routes. This is true, but to a lesser extent, of some other groups in the graph.

Data used

Labour Force Survey, ONS




12 thoughts on “UK: London’s welfare recipients highest amongst immigrants from Muslim countries.

  1. This is more than laziness. It’s intentional leaching/mooching. It may also be a factor that the founder of their religion obtained his wealth through marrying rich and looting & plundering his enemies, ie, other people’s money.


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  3. This gives data on worklessness but not specifically on welfare claimants (i.e., I suspect many of those non-working Americans to be overseas students and not claiming welfare). Do you have this data?


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