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UK: London’s unemployment statistics highest amongst Muslims

London’s Poverty Profile: Worklessness by gender and ethnicity

Key points

  • Women are less likely to be working than men.
  • The variations between ethnic groups are much greater for women than men.

Working-age adults in London not in paid work by gender, ethnicity and type of worklessness

Worklessness by ethnicity and gender.png

[Note: Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Black African represent Muslims in the graph. There may also be Muslims amongst the Indian statistics, but since the percentage is mixed and unknown it’s difficult to include India into Muslim statistics. Moderator]

What does this graph show?

The graph looks at the extent of worklessness among various ethnic groups in London by gender. It is ordered by the level of total worklessness among women. Two categories of workless population are shown here – those lacking but wanting paid work (including those who are officially unemployed) and those who say they do not want work.

Across all ethnic groups, women are more likely to lack paid work than men. Though the proportions of women lacking but wanting paid work are not very different from men, the higher level of overall worklessness is higher because a substantially higher proportion of women lack and do not want paid work. Often this is due to family or other caring responsibilities.

Pakistani and Bangladeshi women have the highest levels of worklessness with more than two thirds not being in paid work. At about a third, British and women belonging to the Other White and Black Caribbean groups have the lowest levels of worklessness.

Among men, Black African men have the highest rate of worklessness at 40% and those in the Other White category have the lowest rate at 18%. So the pattern among men is different to the pattern among women.

See also differences by country of birth. The two categories overlap substantially but there are interesting exceptions.

Data used

Labour Force Survey

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