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1.5 million American Muslims support extremism

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While arguing with Pamela Geller on CNN on March 23, Linda Sarsour with the National Network for Arab American Communities, claimed Geller’s San Fransisco ads about Muslim persecution of homosexuals can equally refer to acts from people of the “… Abrahamic faiths that have similar if not identical views on homosexuality”.
The problem is: where are the regular condemnation, hate speech and slaughter of gays from leaders within the Abrahamic faith? If gay persecution was that wide-spread as Islamic hate, and it was forbidden to be gay we would fight to abolish these religions and leaders  altogether and ban them in the West. Linda Sarsour keeps referring to American Muslims as some rare, separate sect of Islam, a species with a different Qur’an, alien to traditional Islamic ideology.

Linda Sarsour gives the same argument you hear from all Muslims ad nauseum: they don’t acknowledge that the Abrahamic faith contains…

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