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Sweden: A rise in asylum numbers correlates to rise in rape statistics

The Muslim Issue

The Swedish immigration authorities, who are flooding the country with Muslim migrants who have managed to make Sweden into the rape capital of the world, are blind to their own data. Like other European countries maintenance of statistics based on religion is forbidden. However data is collected on nationality and background. Since Muslim immigrants are the country’s most largest and dominant immigrant group, and the highest crime generator in the entire country, you know where we’re getting with this.
The Grey columns in the chart refer to “granted asylum applications during the year” and the red line refers to “number of reported rape crimes during the year”.

The Swedish media’s extreme concealment of the country’s foreign crime problems is displayed in the media’s pixelation of foreign criminals. Here a Muslim African is pixelated and distorted to appear white.

Diligent and meticulous researcher Affes Statistik have put the entire problem in…

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