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List of Muslim persecution of non-Muslims (and this is only 1% that hit front page news)

The Muslim Issue

Note that the persecution of apostates and the persecution of homosexuals are not covered in this sample. This list covers only 1% of the front page news on victims of Muslim violence. Thousands of cases that never reach the news desk are not included. In Germany alone more people (7,500) have been murdered by Muslims than solders in the Afghanistan war.

Partly through fear and partly through politically correct hypocrisy, the Western media rarely publish news stories involving Islamic violence and persecution. This may seem a strange statement to some who constantly hear other proclaiming that the media focuses far too much on the negative actions of Muslims, but did you know that in 2008 alone, there were 2,204 separate documented incidents of Islamically motivated violence which led to death? In total there were 10,779 deaths and another 18,213 critically injured. That’s more people killed each and every year in…

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