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Asst. Professor, King Fahd Medical City: 80% violence and sex abuse against children in Arabia

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Child physical and sex abuse is extremely high in Saudi Arabia and the country rarely keep accurate statistics on the actual volume of abuse and crime that takes place in the country. Therefore, they often deny the moral existence of it. But small private studies reveal a problem that is staggering to western ears. Ten years ago the abuse rate was already lingering above 80% in average for women and children across the region. Nothing has changed but according to this report, translated from Arabic, the abuse has only increased in the past few years (good lord! How it can increase even further from a staggering 80% is almost unbelievable). The cases investigated are too few to give a complete picture.
1987-2005 private study on hospital cases in Kuwait: Three studies from Kuwait identified 27 children; 22 with physical abuse, 3 with sexual abuse, and 2 with Munchausen’s syndrome by…

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