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2011 Census prove UK Muslim population increased to +3 million in a mere decade

The Muslim Issue

They should be ever so happy and proud of themselves, those crazy Brits. In a mere ten years the Muslim population has swelled to almost 3 million people in the United Kingdom. They are already demanding a mega mosque, funded by Arabs to teach Wahhabism (the favorite teachings of Salafi’s and extremists) at a mere 5% national population.
But it doesn’t end there. This wonderful, contributing new immigrant population that enriches British culture so much – according to the Labor government and The Independent and Guardian newspaper – happen to have 50% unemployment of all their men, and 75% unemployment of all their women. In other words, most of them are living off the government.
As if that is not enough of a cost factor they further enrich British culture by filling up the country’s prisons.
Nearly 40% of the entire prison population in Whitemoor are now Muslims, while…

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