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UK: Prisoners under pressure by Muslim ‘gang’ to convert to Islam

The Muslim Issue

A common method used by Muslim leaders in non-Islamic countries during an internal infiltration process is prison conversions. Muslims tend to have a very high percentage members that end in prison. Muslim prisoners are known to target delinquents or the weaker in society to feigned protection and group unity. When the Muslim population grow beyond a certain percentage of the total population, the forced and aggressive conversion on society at large begins.


Prisoners under pressure to convert to Muslim ‘gang’

Prisoners are under pressure to convert to an Islamic “gang” at a high-security jail, with non-Muslims in fear of violence just for cooking bacon, according to an official report.

Whitemoor Prison: Muslim prisoners at top security jail double in two years
Muslims represent around a third of all prisoners at Whitemoor Prison in Cambridgeshire Photo: PA
Martin Beckford

By Martin Beckford, Home Affairs Editor

7:00AM BST 30 May 2012

Inmates at HMP Whitemoor told researchers commissioned by the Ministry of Justice that they…

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