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Danish municipality: 90 percent asking for economic help for celebrating Christmas are Muslims

The Muslim Issue

Muslims neither celebrate nor recognize Christmas. This is nothing but deliberate fraud and welfare Jihad. If the Danish government is THAT stupid that they fall for this and give them funding without even grasping who the immigrants are that they have brought into their country, they deserve the Islamic nightmare coming to them in the next 20-30 years which they have deliberately created for themselves.


[JihadWatch]  While the newly elected Muslim majority in a local board in Kokkedal, Denmark decided not to spend 1,000 USD on a Christmas tree a few days after having spent 10,000 USD on their Eid-party, their brothers and sisters in faith in the municipality North Als found a way to benefit from the infidels’ tradition: Applying for economic help to celebrate Christmas… They want our money but not our culture and we gladly pay – even if it means that Christian Danish families will…

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