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American Muslims Surveyed: 60% Favor Sharia Law in the United States

Dr. Bostom: Muslim Leaders Seek Sharia in the US

Friday, 16 Nov 2012 04:15 PM
By Newsmax Wires

Dr. Andrew Bostom, a medical doctor and expert on radical Islam, is worried that Sharia – extremist Islamic law – could make its way into the U.S. Muslim community.

“My concern is to look at institutional Islam: we see the example of the Middle East, where clearly Sharia is being sanctioned by the major religious teaching institutions,” he tells Newsmax TV’s John Bachman.

Watch the exclusive interview here.

“The problem is that since so many of these [U.S.] imams are trained in the Middle East, we’re seeing institutional Islam in the United States wanting to have the same Sharia-guided principles govern the Muslim community in the United States.”

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America is a mainstream group that provides training to imams in the U.S. and Canada. It provides online opinions — fatwas — on all kinds of religious and political issues for Muslims.

It’s not just about “piety of practice but also issues like what do you do with a blasphemer, someone who criticizes the religion or criticizes Mohammed?” says Bostom.

“What if a Muslim in North America wants to leave Islam and become an agnostic or convert to Christianity or some other religion? There’s the issue of female genital mutilation, which in certain schools of Islamic law, particularly the Shafi’i School, is something that is sanctioned.”

The answers provided for North American Muslims are the same as would be offered by imams in Saudi Arabia or Iran might answer them for North American Muslims, says Bostom, author of the new book “Sharia Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamist Totalitarianism.”.

So how can we stop the infiltration of Sharia?

“It’s just affirming our own principles,” he says. A recent survey of 600 high-achieving Muslim Americans showed that 60 percent favor the use of blasphemy law, Bostom says. That would mean people who criticize Islam or Mohammed would be punished.

“These are American Muslims who are actually quite successful,” he says. “So something’s wrong in the way that we are inculcating our own constitutional values. I don’t blame the Muslims. This is part of their tradition, and we’re not succeeding in making clear what our own principles are.”

Sharia law:

Decapitated for being deemed infidels; hand cut for drinking alcohol; victim of acid attack for being Christian; burnt alive for being gay; thrown off highest rooftop for being gay; woman stoned to death for being a victim of rape (judged as infidelity under Sharia); beheaded for apostasy; crucified for apostasy or conversion out of Islam; stoned to death for adultery; animals have their heads cut in procedings exactly the same halal as humans are decapitated; lashed and whipped for various offenses such as drinking alcohol, smoking, insulting Islam, etc.

Sharia law - 14
sharia law - pastor-umar-mulinde-warns-america-to-fight-against-islam-muslims-sharia-law
sharia law - 17
Crucifiction according to Sharia
sharia law - 3
Living under Islamic Sharia Law in Kano State, Nigeria
sharia law -1

3 thoughts on “American Muslims Surveyed: 60% Favor Sharia Law in the United States

  1. God please have mercy on your people who believe in your Son Jesus Christ… What kind of religion is Islam that inflicts pains and injustice to human being? God forbid

    Well this is the antichrist


  2. Yes let us affirm our own principals. We are the only nation that vaporized two cities with first strike Nuclear weapons on a defeated enemy which was seeking surrender terms.

    We are a nation that uses war as a corporate policy and had more of our Veterans die waiting to be seen by Veteran administration clerk than was killed by the Nazis during WWII.


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