Muslims in Media Statistics

What one Billion Muslims Really Think? Pew Global Statistics.

The Muslim Issue

Pew Research Center (Global Attitudes Project), Gallop and other statistic organizations prove that concerns for blocking further Muslim immigration is justified and valid.
Tom Trento with the Florida Security Council explain why attention has to be paid to Muslim immigration and national security issues.
The propaganda to present Islam in a rosier light, What one Billion Muslims Really Think, decided to leave out some very important statistics. This video shows the true mindset of one billion Muslims not the propaganda being fed from the Dalia Mogahed, Barack Obama’s first veiled Muslim appointee.
1. Did Arabs carry out the 9/11 attack in New York?
What did Muslims in these countries answer? The following answers represent Muslims who believe Arabs were behind 9/11 attacks.

Indonesia  85%
Egypt  68%
Turkey  84%
Jordan  61%
UK  83%
Germany 65%
France  52%
Spain  67%

2.  Is terrorism justified to advance Islam? How many Muslims in…

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