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UK: Names of 20 biggest tax fraudsters published – only 3 British while half are Muslim

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HMRC publishes mugshots of 20 most wanted tax fugitives for first time

The names and faces of 20 most wanted “tax fugitives” who owe HM Revenue and Customs more than £700m are being published for the first time today.

Conservative MP David Gauke  at

Plans published by Treasury minister David Gauke on Monday “to crack down on the promoters of aggressive, contrived tax avoidance schemes”. Photo: John Taylor
Christopher Hope

By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent

7:00AM BST 16 Aug 2012

HMRC has decided to publish the FBI-style list of mugshots to try to enlist the support of the public in tracking them down.

The names on the Most Wanted list are described as “tax criminals who have absconded after being charged with a crime or during trial.”

It is the first time that HMRC has published photographs and details of tax fugitives.

David Gauke, the Exchequer Secretary, said: “The Government is absolutely committed to tackling tax…

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