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UK: Muslim Harems in Britain Cost Taxpayer Minimum of £5 Million Every Year

The Muslim Issue

Polygamous Muslim marriages — recognised as legal under British immigration law — cost the taxpayer a minimum of £5 million every year. Even that figure is two years out of date.

The outrageous costs are calculated on the estimated 1,000 polygamous Muslim marriages which were in existence in Britain in 2007. Given the massive increase in “legal” Third World immigration — amounting to over half a million every year — this figure is likely to have dramatically increased.

Although polygamy is illegal for the indigenous population, the insane immigration policies pursued by successive Tory and Labour administrations have made an exception for Muslims.

Polygamous marriages are officially recognised in Britain provided the weddings were “legal in the countries where they took place.”

This means that a Muslim male can marry up to the four wives he is allowed under Islamic law in a Muslim country such as Pakistan. He is then able to legally bring them all to…

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