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UK: Muslim crime in the UK (Part 1)

The Muslim Issue

Scotland Yard’s Wanted #1

A Consideration of Muslim Crime in the UK and the Response of the British Authorities

See also: Muslim Crime in the UK (Part 2)


By Pike Bishop

I. Introduction

Why we decided to produce this document

This document is an attempt to accomplish the following three objectives:

1. To draw public attention to the serious and worsening problem of Muslim crime, in the UK specifically, and throughout Western Europe more generally.
2. To draw attention to problematic aspects of the response of the UK authorities to Muslim crime.
3. To promote a public debate on the implications, short- and long-term, of Muslim crime for Britain and its people.

Who we hope will read this document

We hope that any and all interested parties will read this dossier. However, we particularly hope that people in the media, academia, the government, and the police force will engage with the serious issues…

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