Muslims in Media Statistics

The PEW Research Center magic: when Muslims manage statistics, Islam transforms into Utophia

The Muslim Issue

A few years ago the Pew Research Center reported the alarming trend of support for radicalism, anti-semitism and anti-Americanism amongst Muslims both in the U.S. but particularly amongst Muslims in Islamic countries.
Pew Research  Center recently appointed a Muslim in charge of Muslim-related statistics. And what a change! The religion of war and terror has now been painted as a religion of love and peace, maligned by wicked jews, misunderstood, that seeks and wants to integrate. Oddly we see no signs of these statistics in actual society.
Amusingly enough Pew tries to present a graph of “the number of countries” where religious groups were harassed, whatever benefit that will have. But facts related to the volume and religion of the actual perpetrators and aggressors is avoided, which incidentally is — you guessed it; the followers of the religion of peace!


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