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Sweden: “We’re on our way…” Even more Muslim migrants are invited to freely rape Swedish women

The Muslim Issue

The rape wave in Sweden and Norway can continue unhindered, endorsed by the Government.
Both countries have made the decision to allow even more muslims to enter and occupy their country. The countries are responsible for severe government neglect for women’s safety, while official statistics have shown that muslim men are shockingly overrepresented in total rape crimes. No wonder Scandinavia is a favored destination for Muslim migrants, who are already keeping entire regions in suspense and fear with violence, rapes and attacks.
What country is this stupid they increase immigration from known problem groups?  Surely there must be a severe breach against citizen rights and national security with these decisions.

 Sweden is not only a popular tourist destination. Furthermore, we are like one big magnet directed toward the Middle East and North Africa. Now the Immigration Service to raise its forecast for the number of new asylum seekers…

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