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Spain: Muslim prison population in Europe — Spain

The Muslim Issue

This is the eleventh article in the series Prison Islam created by In most of the civilized world, although Muslims are small in number, they are over-represented in the prison system.

In Spain where although Muslims are only 2.3% of the population 1 they represent 70% of the prison population 2.

According to Islamic Commission of Spain and Ministry of Justice reports in 2009, about 72% of all Muslims in Spain are immigrants without Spanish nationality 3. These Muslims do not have any connections to Spain’s culture, nor do they feel they want to belong to Spanish society. They live in segregated communities that encourage behavior that runs completely counter to Spanish values. And now with a bad economy there will only be even more Muslims committing crimes.

Now one may think that putting Muslims in prison solves the crime problem. Actually it increases the possibility of…

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