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Norway: (Muslim) Immigrants behind almost all reported assaulted rapes in Oslo

The Muslim Issue

All 41 reviews and assault rapes in Oslo during the last three years, according to police committed by non-Western immigrants.

– Predators are relatively young men who come from other countries. They are often asylum seekers and often come from traumatized country or country with a completely different view women than we have in Norway, says Hanne Kristin Rohde of the Oslo police violence and sexual division of NRK.

She says the perpetrators are either traumatized or psychologically damaged, or that they come from a country where violence against women is common.

– We see that several of them have of women indicating that they at any time to take control of other people, preferably women, says Rohde.

Read also:Muslim rapist loses citizenship after eight assaulted rapes (in Norwegian language)

Severe violence

There are men with Kurdish or African background that dominates the statistics. None of the reviews involving…

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