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Norway: More facts about the Norwegian rape epidemic and crimes dominated by Muslim men

The Muslim Issue

NORWAY — In our neighborhood, both the authorities and the journalists have a completely different approach to the truth than their Swedish counterparts. We know from experience that all perpetrators of assault rapes in Oslo the last five years of non-western background. Now, new figures confirming the trend. Also in connection with street robberies, the same image is seen.

Last spring, the Oslo Police published a report on rape until 2010 in which the perpetrators of rape attacks were described as “predominantly of foreign origin.” And so it continues to look like.

– Only seven rape attacks are resolved. Therefore, we must largely rely on victims ‘and witnesses’ descriptions of the offenders. One exception is a Norwegian, as we have a DNA match, says chief inspector Kari-Janne Lid.

When offenders with non-Norwegian background, with no parents born in Norway, dominate assault rape, rape are even committed by (foreign) people with…

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