Muslims in Media Statistics

Muslim demographics: Pew statistics try to whitewash projections

The Muslim Issue

This is how hired agencies (Pew Research Centre, Washington DC) likes to distort figures making reality appear less than what is claimed. Although Pew itself has provided details of an international survey showing that a huge majority of Muslims support terrorist acts, have no feeling of loyalty to their host country, want the country to be governed under Islam, Pew whitewashes Muslim demographics.
THE REALITY:  The thicker dark blue line is the Pew estimate, while the blue continuation is the projected estimated is based on UK’s 100% Muslim growth in 7 years, which reflect similar growth within Muslim communities across Europe. This is a far cry from Pew’s official statistics (in the article below)
According to this article the Muslim population doubles in 30 years. Nothing could be further from reality. Muslim population in the UK had doubled in only 7 years. Only 55,000 Muslims had been officially granted ‘settlement’…

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