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Hate Crime Stats: Where’s the ‘Islamophobia’?

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And about the same as anti-Christian hate crimes. From Islamist Watch, Hate Crime Stats: Where’s the ‘Islamophobia’?

Islamist pressure groups have spent years pushing the meme that Muslims in America face ever-increasingviolence at the hands of their fellow citizens, but new statistics on hate crimes reported to the FBI once again undermine such claims.

Just-released data covering 2009 (summarized in this important table) include 107 anti-Islamic hate crime incidents against persons and property, involving 128 offenses and 132 victims. These numbers are a hair above the post-9/11 lows of 2008 (105 incidents, 123 offenses, and 130 victims). Anti-Islamic hate crimes have been falling steadily for a decade, with 2009 figures down more than three-quarters from the 2001 spike.

A closer examination of what took place in 2009 adds valuable perspective:

  • Incidents of hate crime driven by anti-Jewish bias (931) were 8.7 times as numerous as those…

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