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Arab slave trade: 145 million Africans enslaved – 90% died in transport

The Muslim Issue

Arab scholar writes about 14 centuries of Arab slave trade in Africa where 145 million Africans were sold by Africans in slavery to Muslims. Muslims also enslaved 6 million white Europeans.




Blacks have forgotten about the Muslim slave trade and are instead converting to Islam. Slavery is legal in Islam and is active and exist in Islamic societies to this day, selling slaves for as little as $10.

The imaginary “white started the slave trade” propaganda that blacks have been circulating for years is distorting their reality. Here a racist African immigrant slurs hate against French people on public transport in France, where he wants “all white people killed” and says “you know, I want to kill white people” . Maybe France shouldn’t offer immigrants like this the opportunity to education, freedom and equality. Maybe they should return to the Arab slavery still ravaging in their countries.

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