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751 Areas in France are no-go zones – safe for Muslims only

The Muslim Issue


Thousands of years of European history and culture are being ravaged and destroyed by Islam.
History will look back upon these disasters and come up with the conclusion that one of the most egregious reasons for the destruction of these once-great civilizations was based upon the multicultural, PC belief that all cultures and societies are equal. (They’re not).

First country to be examined is France, then Holland.

France –

What other country in the world has a government-sponsored website dedicated to 751 areas that non-Muslims should not go?

These are areas that not only civilians shouldn’t go, but emergency services as well.

Yes, that’s right, not even police, fire, or ambulances should go to these Muslim-controlled areas of France.

These areas are occupied by about 8 % of the population, or 5 million people.

They are called Zones Urbaines Sensibles in French, meaning Sensitive Urban Zones. The list in…

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