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Turks in Germany 2012: ‘Moderate’ Turks want more Islam in Germany – Statistics

The Muslim Issue

According to a study by the Interior Ministry in 2009 1, Germany is home to around 4.3 million Muslims, which equates to a population share of 5.2 percent. About 45 percent of them have German citizenship. The largest group of Muslims, consists of just under 2.7 million people, of Turkish descent. A recent poll by Information GmbH has investigated their German-Turkish life and values for the third time in detail. 2

Attitudes toward Germany

Regarding the respondents’ attitudes toward Germany and Germans, at least in terms of the stated desire for integration, a positive development can be seen: After all, 78 percent (2010: 70%) are willing to “integrate absolutely and without exception into German society.”* At the same time, 95 percent of the Turks in Germany (TiG) find it important to preserve their Turkish culture in Germany, and 87 percent (2010: 83%) think that Germans ought to be more…

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