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Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Crime statistics

The total Muslim population in Sweden is estimated at 4.4% (2013 figures). Out of that 4.4% and in deducting the women and children, we can roughly guesstimate that around 2% are male. The foreign rape figures at 77.6% Muslim has been anonymously confirmed by Swedish polish in a phone conversation. The actual figure could be … Continue reading

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Denmark: 78% of criminals in capital are of “non-Western origin” and 84% of foreigners are unemployed

Four Out Of Five Criminals In European Capital Are Foreigners by Oliver JJ Lane 26 Apr 2016, Breitbart Danish police are being stretched by a migrant crime wave in capital Copenhagen as foreign outlaws “flock” to the city in ever greater numbers. Latest crime figures for 2015 obtained by Danish newspaper MetroXpress reveal that of 2,633 … Continue reading

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Italy: 90% of teens would convert to Islam if Islamic State conquered their country – Survey

“90 percent said they would convert to Islam if the IS came – generation without ideals,” translated from “90 Prozent würden zum Islam konvertieren, wenn der IS käme – Generation ohne Ideale,”, April 1, 2016: . (Rome) 90 percent would convert to Islam without hesitation to save their own lives, the Islamic State (IS) … Continue reading

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UK Muslim Poll: 52% wants ban on homosexuality, 23% want Sharia, 33% feel they influence decisions in the country

What exactly does this mean in numbers? 4% of Muslims responding to the survey support suicide bombings. That’s 100,000 Muslims out of the official UK Muslim population of 3 million – or over 27 suicide attacks per day for ten years straight. Wanting criminalization of homosexuality means death in Islam. Gays face only one kind … Continue reading

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Brussels: 90% of Muslim teens call jihad murderers heroes

  Letter From Europe Blaming Policy, Not Islam, for Belgium’s Radicalized Youth The Schaerbeek neighborhood in Brussels. Salah Abdeslam, the Islamic State recruit who participated in the Paris terror attacks, sought refuge in the neighborhood for weeks. Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times By STEVEN ERLANGER April 7, 2016, New York Times BRUSSELS — Yves Goldstein … Continue reading

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Nigeria’s Anti-Christian Jihad in Numbers: 11,500 Dead, 13,000 Churches Destroyed

by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. 25 Feb 2016, Breitbart A new report offers some startling statistics on the devastation wrought by Muslims on the Christian population in Nigeria, with 11,500 Christians killed, a million displaced and 13,000 churches destroyed or shut down in the last 15 years. The 48-page report titled “Crushed but Not Defeated: … Continue reading

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Sweden: 2015 Muslim hordes to cost 14x the National Defence budget

These countries should perhaps tripple income tax on all the leftists who supports this. After all, if they support it they should pay for it. . . REPORT: 2015 Migrant Crisis Will Cost Sweden KR583,000,000,000 – 14x The Country’s Defence Budget by Oliver JJ Lane 19 Feb 2016, Breitbart A Swedish economist, researcher, and business professor … Continue reading

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5,000 Islamic State Jihadi fighters running loose in Europe – Europol

The numbers of terrorists now moving freely across Europe are much, much higher. Europol don’t seem understand the core principles of Islam. It’s the usual denial of reality that we come across all the time when the subject Muslims and Islam is brought up. The estimate is only based on active fighters in the Islamic … Continue reading